The Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society have completed 15 expeditions in total over 45 years.

Trips to the Alps provided short experimental test beds for more ambitious escapades, while tough winter and summer hikes welded the members into an expeditionary force. On sometimes serious, occasionally farcical but always challenging trips, society members hiked, climbed and suffered their way around the world, contributing significantly to medical knowledge in the process.

You can find out more about our expeditionary experiences below.

Green Lake, Sikkim, India – 2019

Green Lake, Sikkim, India – 2019 Eighteen members gathered from all over the UK and headed to India on the 4th October, 2019 with much …

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Chimborazo, Ecuador – 2016

Chimborazo, Ecuador – 2016 On January 16th 2016, BMRES took 24 subjects to Ecuador. Our destination was the Whymper Hut at 5,000m above sea-level, last visited …

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Jangothang, Bhutan – 2012

Jangothang, Bhutan – 2012 A Short Walk with the Thunder Dragon BMRES Bhutan Expedition, Spring 2012 Report by Yashvi Wimalasena.  BMRES Team: Alex Wright, Chris Imray, …

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Parinacota, Chile – 2008

Parinacota, Chile – 2008 November 2009 saw the BMRES embark on their 13th major expedition, with a group of 25 members, ranging from 26 to …

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Ladakh, India – 2005

Ladakh, India – 2005 A most successful and enjoyable expedition to Ladakh was undertaken by 17 members. Research was based at 3450m in Leh where observations …

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Chacaltaya, Bolivia – 2002

Chacaltaya, Bolivia – 2002 Bolivia is not the country to choose for baseline observations at sea level but arrival in La Paz gives one the opportunity …

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Kanchenjunga, Nepal – 1999

Kanchenjunga, Nepal – 1999 The plan was to walk up to the Kangchenjuna base camp at Pangpema from Ghunsa then make our base camp above this, …

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Paso del Aqua Negra, Chile – 1997

Paso del Aqua Negra, Chile – 1997 Chile is a beautiful country, and for altitude research has the added advantages of good, rapid access to high …

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Mt. Everest, Nepal – 1993

Mt. Everest, Nepal – 1993 Spring at the beginning and end and snow at higher altitude made this a memorable trek in the famous Nepalese approach …

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Aconcagua, Argentina – 1990

Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina – 1990 At 6862m Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside Asia. We trekked from the sulphurous springs of Puente del Inca (2740m) …

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Karakoram, Pakistan – 1987

Karakoram, Pakistan – 1987 The interesting journey via Islamabad and Skardu with views of Nanga Parbat, mighty rivers, apricots drying, mulberries dropping off the trees …

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Rupina La, Nepal – 1984

Rupina La, Nepal – 1984 Happy Memories from Tim HarveyWe all set off from Kathmandu and then from near Gorka, proceeded over and along a …

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Mt. Kenya, Kenya – 1982

Mt. Kenya, Kenya – 1982 There is something very special leaving UK in January and travelling to the equator. Twenty members thoroughly enjoyed the Kenyan …

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Thorong La, Nepal – 1977

Thorong La, Nepal – 1977 The first expedition was in Nepal, with 17 subjects trekking 200 miles from Pokhara, through the Kali Gandaki, the deepest …

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Chimborazo, Ecuador – 1979

Chimborazo, Ecuador – 1979 Our aim was the recently opened Refugio Edward Whymper (5000m) with access to the summit of Chimborazo (6310m) which was first …

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